Friday, June 11, 2010

Game of Choice

Settlers of Catan.  This game has consumed many of our waking hours in the last year or so. 

Everyone gets little wooden pieces called roads, settlements and cities.  It is a requirement to create towers, letters, designs of some sort with your pieces.  Last time I built a tower four roads high.  It was a record.

The goal is to get 10 points.  Ways to do this are to build settlements and cities, have the longest road, the largest army, or draw a victory point as a card.  

You need cards to build.  The roll of the dice combined with your placement on the board determines who gets which cards on each turn.

There is lots of strategy involved.  This game gets awfully personal.  Strategizing with your significant other is dangerous.  Strategizing against your significant other is suicidal.

Be careful how many cards are in your hand because if a 7 is rolled and you you have too many, then you have to give half of them up.  (And don't let that smile fool you.  The guys get more emotionally involved than they might care to admit.)

I won this particular game.  Maybe because I was lucky.  Or maybe because I'm supposedly ruthless at board games.  Just ask my Papa Logsdon...Can you tell which color I was?


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