Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cattle Call

Welcome to Texas...

These are Texas Longhorns, or, what we like to call, giant tax deductions...

They're neither hostile nor hospitable.

But you do have to watch out for those long horns.  I almost got gored... well not really.  But that guy above turned his head when I wasn't expecting it and his long horns almost got me.  (I tried to think of something creative to call them, but really, they're just long horns).

These babies are owned by the company Grant works for, Fidelity Investments.  They live in Westlake, Texas, home of the Jonas Brothers and other disgustingly wealthy people.

The last time I took pictures with giant cattle like these, I was sixteen and running around the middle of nowhere in Idaho.  Also, my friend got shocked by an electric fence.  That was awesome...

Now if I could just figure out lighting in my pictures... These pictures were taken around 7:00 PM.  A little too much harsh light yes?  That's why we're all squinting and you can't see Emily's right eye... hmmm.

The Pioneer Woman posted here about front-light vs. back-light.  I am going to start experimenting with that... won't that be interesting :)  But then, maybe I can get away from these squinty faces...

But for now, it is this Texas Longhorn's day off so I'm done blogging and off to run errands with that guy down there :)


thompsonfamily said...

Woo hoo! Made it onto the Tanner blog again! Electric fences suck!

leslie said...

I've been waiting over a year for those long horn pictures! Yea--finally the iconic Texas.

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