Friday, June 4, 2010


We like our little apartment.  In comparison to our cinderblock home back in Provo, there are lots of improvements.  The lack of cinderblock is a major one...  However, there is one down side and that is the lack of storage.  The kitchen is one place that is especially lacking.  We decided we'd had enough and took a trip out to Ikea.  Is it possible to not love that place?!

Grant is fun to take to Ikea because believe it or not, he's a way better decorator that me.  Luckily he's quite patient with me because I am scared of buying home-y things...  It's one of my fears...

We found some shelves we really liked.  We were going to get some cheap ones & then stain them, etc., but this seemed easier and nice as well.

Grant & I installed in on our wall and it looks so good!  Ikea is great at making affordable stuff that also assembles easily.  This is good for people like us who have to use a coaster as a right angle...

We put all sorts of things on the shelves like spices:

and snackies:

and dry ingredients:

We love our shelves and we were able to clear off a lot of countertop space.  Woot!

Whoa! Scrolling through I saw that those pictures look really weird next to each other.  If it freaks your eyes out, sorry.  If not, then ignore this seemingly random comment.


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