Friday, June 18, 2010

Gook on a Plane

This afternoon we're leaving on an airplane.  We haven't packet yet-- oops.  Actually, that's not completely true. There is one thing that is already packed and ready to go.  Gook!  We planned ahead to make sure we could get the gook on the plane somehow.  I don't know if you're aware, but airport security is not a big fan of glass jars full of questionable substances.

That is why I spent a half hour sliming the gook from the jar above into the three ounce containers below!  The other trick we have to figure out is how in the world to keep it cold!  I think we'll transport it to the airport in a plastic bag filled with ice.  Then we'll have to dump the ice (or the bag altogether) before security and then find some more ice once we get into the airport.  Whew!  

Luckily, the goodness inside is totally worth the hassle.  Nothing tempts me to "accidentally" ruin my gluten free diet more than sourdough waffles.  If it happens this weekend, it's totally not my fault!

Oh and as a side note, I'll be taking a 3 day blogging hiatus while we're in Denver!  But I will return with oodles of cute baby pictures :)


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