Thursday, June 24, 2010

Duck Face

I got a new book this weekend at the mall in Denver and I'm in love with it!  It's called, "What's New Cupcake?", and it shows you how to make all kinds of adorable cupcakes.

It's the second book from the authors who made this book:

So we got home and I got to work on my first set of cupcakes!  I baked me up some boxed cupcakes:

And gathered some special tools and ingredients:

I dyed some frosting yellow and set it aside

I assembled a marshmallow snip and a donut hole on top of each cupcake and stuck the little buggers in the freezer to solidify a bit.

And then, I forgot to take any pictures until I was done.... but what I ended up with was this!

I dipped them into semi-melted frosting to get a smooth look and then put on Mini M&M's for the eyes and half a Starburst for the beak.

What I didn't notice when I took these pictures was his saggy neck... See it?  Problemo Giganto.  Why, you ask?

Because the Texas heat & humidity don't allow ducks to stay capitated (the opposite of decapitated, of course) for very long...

Their heads are just too darn heavy!  Also... it's just too darn hot and humid!  No, really... I was trying to come up with lighter alternatives to a donut hole... my ideas so far consist of cheeto balls and ping pong balls... hmmm.  

Other problems encountered besides the very obviously lead headed duckie here.... Frosting too thick.  Notice the swirly lines.

As well as frosting too thin.  This poor duck head never stood a chance.  If microwaved too long, the frosting gets too thin and separates a bit= no bueno.  If there isn't very much frosting in the bowl, then it hardens back up too fast and the frosting is too thick=no bueno.

Also, now that I'm looking back on these pictures, I'm realizing that I put the tails on upside down... oh well.  Most of these unfinished and/or decapitated creatures will be going to work with Grant and will all be eaten anyway :)  Woohoo for fun projects!

Oh, and for fun, name this quote! (It's been a bit altered...)
 "And when the wind blows hard and the sky is black? Ducks Die Together!"


Tyler and Carisa said...

Tyler bought me both of these books - the first one for Christmas last year and the sequel for Mother's day this year. I LOVE them. Any time I make some cupcakes from the book they are sure to be a hit. And what I love is that they are soo easy to make (well, most of them are). Your ducks turned out cute! I haven't tried them yet - but you've inspired me! And sorry about the humidity - seems like a total buzz kill.

Matt and Rachel Bowden said...

Awww they are so cute!

thompsonfamily said...

SO CUTE! Hahahah I was laughing so hard about the humidity thing because I have had so many kitchen catastophies since we moved here. My favorite was last summer the chocolate chips and marshmallows in my pantry melted.

Cindy said...

Those are such cute cupcakes!! For awhile...haha. Good work.

Tori Price said...

Those turned out SO cute while they lasted! You should try puting the heads on with toothpicks first, just warn people before they eat them!

kelseybeth said...

Thanks guys! I thought they turned out pretty cute too :) Now I've just gotta keep them in one piece... individually in one piece.. pieces? You get the idea.

Tori: That is an excellent idea. I just might have to do that next time.

Cait: Really... darn you Texas... You just can't say that enough :)

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