Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Search for Sanity: Part III

Whew!  I've decided to simplify the way I write about this because it will be easier to follow... and because I'm getting lazy...

In case you get really confused, you can read back on:
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Although I'm not sure why you would want to...

This week I had two appointments with Calli, my acupuncturist.  As a side note, I probably should call her Dr. Wang, as she is an MD & all, but we're on a first name basis now :).  Appointment number 4 was on Tuesday evening.

Appointment 4:

  • I had not had any migraines since #3, just a constant headache
  • Calli did a technique called scraping (ouch) and cupping, discussed earlier
  • It wasn't as painful as the first time, which was good
  • She gave me some Chinese herbal pills to take twice a day
  • Calli advised me to continue a sugar-free diet and to also try gluten-free... WHAT?!  
Yep... gluten-free.  I had a little breakdown after that appointment.  Going without added sugars is hard.  But going without gluten?!  That's basically my entire diet.  Luckily, it hasn't been too bad so far.  I went to my favorite grocery store, Sprouts, and bought some gluten free pasta as well as a bread mix.  My diet is very limited, but a lot healthier than before which is good.  

Appointment 5:
  • Grant came! Woohoo!
  • Calli put a lot of needles in the back of my head and then hooked up the electronic stimulator machine

What a lovely picture!

After five visits with Calli, basically what we have determined is that I don't have normal migraines...  Old news.

She said that if I had a normal headache/migraine then the traditional acupuncture (just needles) would have solved my problem.  The fact that I have had five visits, tried various methods, and still haven't seen any progress means... I'm weird...?  She thinks that something else is going on to trigger the pain, she's guessing a food allergy.  That's why I can only eat fruits, vegetables and cheese... :)  

I guess this shouldn't surprise me.  When I was little, my neurologist said I was the youngest case he had ever seen.  Excellent.  I have lots of different triggers and my migraines continue to evolve.  Even better.  Dealing with migraines is something I can handle.  I'm a pro.  Believing I might be able to get rid of them, doing everything I can, and then seeing no progress... not my forte.

So... I'm continuing with the no-sugar, no-gluten diet, taking herbal medicine twice a day, and now adding a daily session of homemade rice-bag therapy.  I am also attempting to continue believing that this might work.  I am also going to take some Tylenol now :)

Oh, and does anybody know any good gluten-free recipes?!  Or a recipe that can easily be turned into gluten free?  That would be awesome :)


Bekah and Kyle said...

Oh sad story!! I text my sister-in-law who is allergic to gluten. She's going to send me some recipe ideas only downside is she said sugars the only way to make the recipes taste fairly...good. I'll send you what I get.

lor said...

I know some sugar free/gluten free chocolate - kept me sane during my lose-the-freshman-25 diet. :) It is called ChocoPerfection and is based in Couer d'Alene I think

Amber said...

I'm sorry Kelsey. I can say that I can kind of feel your pain. I have migraines too. But I cannot say that mine compare to the intensity that yours do. I hope you can find a way some how to get rid of them. I still have not. I looked up gluten free diet on and it referred to a book called The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide
By Elisabeth Hasselbeck. is an awesome website because it is valid. Registered Dietitians with the American Dietetic Association know what they are talking about ad have the credentials. Maybe that book would help. Good luck!

Jill said...

WOW! Well, way to keep up the postive attitude! And if anything, you are going to be one skinny woman with all these dietary restrictions. Good luck!

kelseybeth said...

Thanks girls! I'll have to check out the chocolate (yes!) and that website as well!

Reagan said...

Aw.. Kels. I'm sorry. I know this awesome website that has ALL gluten free recipes it's:
Dinners, desserts, breads, you name it!

As you may know my Matthew has some food allergies as well. Eggs give him horrible headaches, near migraines, but I don't think it has quite reached that pain threshold. There is a protein in eggs that is a common migraine trigger. I know that sugar is also a major cause of headache (in your head and your thighs) but I'm not sure about gluten. Usually gluten allergy would be present in the form of horrible stomach aches, rashes, and forms of indigestion. I've done a lot of food allergy research, but I am by no means an MD. :) Keep following what the doctors say, something will give them a clue to what is going on. Good luck!

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