Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Search for Sanity: Part IV

Appointment 6: (Has it really been 6 already?)
  • Little to no progress since last visit
  • Calli decided to work on my allergies instead.  She used a technique that she said comes from kineseology.  My mother in law Leslie told me about NAET website.  The techniques described there are very similar to what Calli did (and what I will now explain).
  • I laid down on my back with my left arm down and right arm lifted up toward the ceiling.  She tested the energies in different parts of my body by trying to press my arm down while touching various organs/energy spots/whatever :)  
  • Then she started checking for sensitivities/allergies.  She has 15 vials.  Each one corresponds to a different common allergen including: sugars, calcium, eggs, etc.  I would hold a vial in my left hand while she would try to press down my right arm again.  
  • I made it through six vials before she found one I was sensitive to: Sugars.  Imagine that?!  I had passed calcium, eggs, and a few others that I can't remember.  Calli said that making it through that many rarely happens.  People are usually sensitive to one before that point.  
  • She treated me for my sensitivities to sugar, first by having my lay down on my stomach so that she could apply acupressure to various points along my upper spine.  This whole time I have been holding onto the sugars vial.
  • Then I laid on my back while she did a few acupuncture needles.  A few were painful this time and I asked why that would be.   Calli said that each place where a needle goes corresponds to a specific organ that in turn corresponds to a different part of the body.  The first one that hurt went to digestion and the second to headaches- both places I have had issues with.
  • After that, Calli gave me homework: First, she marked spots on my arms on which I'm to apply acupressure (a very gentle massage) every two hours.  I'm trying, but I haven't been especially diligent. 
  • Second, I couldn't eat anything with sugar in it for 25 hours...  She went through my food journal and marked off all the things I couldn't eat: fruit, yogurt, bread... everything I had been eating.  When I asked what I could eat, she said, "Well... celery sticks.... and... basically green vegetables."  Yep.  Not even carrots.  
  • Yesterday I was miserable because of my horrible diet.  I hate celery sticks and don't especially love green vegetables.  Thus, the total sum of what I ate that day: 1/2 cup of rice, 1/2 a yellow squash and 1/2 a zucchini.  I called in sick to work... I have recovered now. 
  • Today has been great- no headache at all!  Appointment 7 is tomorrow evening.
Summary of Current Homework:
  1. Write down everything I eat
  2. No added/processed sugars
  3. No gluten (add $100 to monthly food bill :)
  4. Rub acupressure points every two hours
  5. Use tubesock rice bag daily
  6. Take Chinese herb 2x daily
Whew!  This is hard work!


Matt and Rachel Bowden said...

Wow no sugar. I would last like 10 minutes haha.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. How do you do it? You poor thing.

Jill said...

That takes discipline. What about hummus or beans or whole grains like oatmeal, quinoa, etc? I'll email you a few recipes we like for greens. Can you eat olive oil? Good luck!!

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