Monday, June 7, 2010

We're Cultured...

This weekend we went on a mini-adventure to the Fort Worth Cultural District!  It's a fun little part of town filled with museums and theatres and such.  It was a really hot day and none of us are sunbabies so we spent as much time in the shade as possible.  Grant and Logan got a map and navigated for us:

Look at those smiles :)  This was before we started roasting alive, of course.

Logan's phone also helped us navigate.  And we had to take a picture of Logan smiling with something next to his face because he likes those.  See here

This is the Will Rogers Auditorium.  Well, not the tower, but the building to the left.  There was a graduation that day.  My girls also have competitions here.

After that we found the Fort Worth Museum (formerly the Children's museum of science and history).  It was late in the afternoon and most of the museums charge admission and were about to close so we just looked around outside.

Not only do they have giant dinosaurs, but they also have giant rodeo horses.  Oh... I mean... rodeo turtles...

And more giant dinosaurs.  

I was trying to figure out how to take sun flare pictures... fail...

In the Cultural District there is also a Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame.  When I told Grant about this, he first thought it was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Museum.... um, nope...

Then... we found a fountain!  Life was good again :)

Logan got all ready to run through the fountain and cool off when out of nowhere, a young girl ran through the middle of the fountain (where he couldn't see) and basically ran into him. (You can see her right behind Grant in this picture).  She came so fast and unexpectedly, all Logan had time to do was yell, "Ahh! Little girl!"  It became the phrase of the day/weekend/adventure.

By the time this picture was taken, the girl was long gone (see her in the back?), but Logan was still laughing his head off.

Grant and Logan laugh a lot.  And I mean a lot. Emily and I usually laugh for a few minutes and then stare at them wondering why they are still laughing.  It's fun.

Oh, did I mention they laugh a lot?  Because they do...

After that, we took a quick trip over to the Kimbell Art Museum.  We only had about fifteen minutes until it closed, but it was free, so we took a quick look around.

Sorry for those with weak stomachs... but I had to take a picture of this for my dad.  Growing up, my garage occasionally looked a bit like this picture.  Of course, I have no idea who painted it or when... yeah I promise I'm a responsible historian...

I also documented this one because it was a Picasso and I don't think I have ever seen one before.  It's called "Man with a Pipe." (1911, oil on canvas).  Can't you seen the man? And his pipe?!  Yeah, me neither.

I think art museums are great when someone is there to tell me all about the history and significance of the artwork.  However, my current art storage silo holds about three grains of knowledge.  And without background, to me they are just pretty (or more often, strange) pictures.  Regardless, it was a fun little trip.


Dad said...

Nothing like some good butchery to liven up a weekend. I can smell the aroma as I look at the picture. Fine stuff. Dad

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