Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gramma's Camera

Last week we spent some time visiting the windy city: Chicago.  I was especially excited because visiting Illinois means visiting family!  My Grandma made the 3-hour drive up to the city and we spent the day with my Aunt DD, Grandma's sister.  

After we got home, Gma sent us a CD of the pictures she took:

Gma is famous for her pictures.  She always has a camera on hand.  

And she only uses disposable cameras.  Like the ones I used in middle school :)

And generally in Gma's pictures, there is a 50% chance the subject of the photo will be headless...

 But despite their flaws, I can't help but love my Gma's pictures.

Especially when they are pictures of my baby...

They are so reminiscent of my childhood and my yearly visits to good ole Eureka, Illinois.

It's a wonderful reminder that life is never about perfection, but rather about the little moments (like being rocked by your Papa), and the memories made spending time with those you love.

Except for this picture...

The strange blue eye spots creeped Grant out so much that he had to throw that picture away...

I suppose it's the one memory we won't be remembering...


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