Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chillin in Chicago

Will and I flew to Chicago.  By ourselves...  Because Grant and I are such cheap-o's...err... frugal... we didn't want to pay an extra $100 to get on the same flight.  Luckily, Will was great and we made it easily.  (But getting around Chicago/O'Hare with a stroller is no picnic.  We're talking multiple elevators).

We were picked up by Aunt DD, Uncle Bruce, and Gma.  The next day, DD and Gma took the train and met Will and me at the hotel. 

If you look at the post before this, you can see the difference between my pictures and Gma's pictures.  Same poses, same time... totally different.  Love it.

Will was quite the performer.

We went shopping for the day!  We headed to Water Tower Place, (where I hear Oprah has not one but two condos), and wandered around the 8-story mall.  But my favorite store, of course, was the American Girl Place!

 My Gma took me here the last time I visited Chicago, 10 years ago.  Honestly, it was just as magical last week as it was when I was 13.  Only now they have tons of new dolls!  

But really, this place is incredible.  Not only do they have the stores where you can purchase all the historical dolls and their accessories, but they also have all of the modern dolls that you personalize to look like you, a doll hospital, a doll salon (pictured below), a t-shirt shop where you make matching t-shirts for you and your doll, and a cafe where they have doll sized chairs and treats.  

Nevermind that there is an American Girl Place a few miles down the road... right by Grant's work...

Everything is cooler when you're on vacation.


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