Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bathtime & Baby Bums

Caution: This post contains a photo of a naked baby bum.  If this either A: makes you uncomfortable; or B: makes you want to squeal with glee... you have been warned.

We have been trying to settle into a nightly bedtime routine with Will.  The first part of his routine is to get a bath.  It's amazing how much lint & gunk can get between his tiny little fingers.  I mean really, he doesn't even touch anything!

One of my favorite parts of bath time is the nakie baby bum.  So squeezable.  So pokeable.  Do I dare even say it... so kissable?  

Note: I haven't actually kissed his nakie baby bum... but would you blame me if I had?!

Amazingly, Will wasn't screaming for this particular bath.  Usually bath time consists of 10 seconds of "Ahh...." and 5 minutes of "AHHH!"  But that's good.  My mama always says, "Screaming is how babies get their exercise."  Bath time is partially intended to wear him out, supporting a successful sleepy time to follow.

Double chin!  Those adorable rolls need serious scrubbage. 

And who can resist the belly button through the washcloth?!  Even Grant has the "cute baby lips" going on in this picture.  I'm fully convinced that there is some biological connection between cute babies and the inward lip purse.  Usually there's a shoulder shrug and head tilt incorporated as well. 

Are you doing it now?  Reading back through this post, I had to do the lip purse/shrug/tilt just to make sure I documented it correctly :) 


Tueller Clan said...

Another great tip to help him sleep is to put lo lavender oil in his tub! I still use it today on mack!

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