Monday, September 19, 2011

Cousin lovin'

We have been especially blessed lately with being able to see family a lot.  After living in Texas for two years where our closest family members were multiple states away, we are loving being in Colorado, one flight (or drive) away from nearly everyone.  

I stole these pictures from my sister-in-law Jill's blog.  During our trip to San Diego we spent a day in Long Beach, with Grant's brother and his family.

Kate and Gwen have grown quite a bit since the last time I blogged about them: here.

They both love to talk, dance, play, and of course, show us all of their treasures.  They had just painted treasure boxes, a perfect summer activity, and Kate especially had lots to share with us.

They were both so excited to see Will and especially to hold him.  Amazingly, they didn't even mind that he was screaming when these pictures were taken.  

I am so grateful for family, both near and far. And I am especially grateful to know that we can be together with our families forever.  You can learn more about families and what we believe here.


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