Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Water baby

It was Labor Day and Grantie had the day off (yay!).  He has been begging me to take the kayak out, but I've been stubborn because of our lack of life jackets.  We finally found a little baby life jacket and decided it was time to get Will out on the water. 

(Never mind that we didn't have life jacket for ourselves... We're good swimmers...)

Of course, the camera died after this single shot of me and Will out at Cherry Creek Reservoir. 

With cell phones in the car, we had to wait until our little jaunt was over to take more pictures.

Will's life jacket was meant for a 2-year-old... I'm pretty sure that being nearly 2 months was old enough.  We put his life jacket on and then packed him into the baby carrier.  It was a snug fit with a squishy-faced baby.

But he did great.  He slept the whole time. 

Until we took him out and de-jacketed him.  Oh man, that was not good news.

Can you believe summer is almost over?!  I must admit, I'm pretty excited about changing leaf colors and sweater weather.


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