Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meet Tina Townie

Grant has been trying to convince me that I need a bike so that we can journey about town together...  

I have been trying to convince Grant that there will be endless scars and bruises if I attempt to journey about town on any fewer than four wheels...

Finally I conceded with one stipulation.  I had to have an awesome bike.  If I am going to risk life and limb (seriously, sometimes it feels like that) then I better look totally rad doing it.  

And dude, I'm going to look totally awesome with my new friend,

Tina Townie!!

She's an Electra Townie, bright yellow with a step-over frame, tan seat and handlebars and super cool orange "rims."  She also features the patented "flat foot technology" that allows you to put both feet on the ground while sitting on the bike.  

I plan to deck her out with sweet accessories over the years... perhaps one update per Christmas/birthday.  Perhaps sweet fenders, a bike bell, and of course, a basket!  I can't wait to get a little trailer for Will so that we can go on produce trips to Sunflower Market.  

I'm officially a biker.  A hard-core, Tina Townie riding, biker chick!

Do you ride a bike? Do you accessorize your bike?  Recommendations?  


Krystin said...

My mom has a townie and I LOVE it. Nice big wheels for a smooth ride! My mom has a basket which is great! Also she had a back light and front light which come in handy in the evening! Have fun on that!

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