Monday, September 12, 2011

Chicago Walks

We spent a lot of our time in Chicago walking around, being touristy tourists.  Because our hotel was close to Michigan Avenue, most of our jaunts were on or around that street.  Chicago has such a nice feel (at least this area does).  It's busy and bustling, but feels safe and exciting, and even relatively clean.

We ventured out to Millenium Park and visited Cloud Gate.  After seeing so many pictures of this sculpture I was excited to see it up close.

It's pretty incredible.  This side of "the bean" reflects and distorts the skyline of the city.  Pretty ko-ala.  That's occasionally (read: always) how we say cool at our house...

Although a little smudgy up close...

And I'm not sure what this amphitheater is called but it was grand and gorgeous.

About this point, Will started weighing more and more and more.  So I handed him off to a stranger.

I mean... Grant.

The lights in these giant brick fountains change colors.  The faces are projected onto the front of each one and change expression.  At one point the faces make "O's" with their mouths and water shoots out of them.  It entertained all of the small children playing in the water... and us. However, Will couldn't have cared less.

What he was really excited about was something on the ceiling of the restaurant we patronized that evening.

We passed him across the table quite a few times during this meal.  By the time the meal was over, Will had gotten his foot covered in ketchup and had knocked over a (full) glass of water.  Or was it lemonade?

Oh yeah. Lemonade.  Because I was all sticky :)

During the daytime, I would take Will out in his stroller.  That way if he got too heavy, I wouldn't actually be tempted to hand him to a stranger.

Our last night in town we had my favorite: sushi!!

This was a green turtle roll.  While the roll itself was so-so, we were digging the wasabi turtle head.

That's Will under my giant burp cloth/sushi-slobber-catcher. He loves sushi.  But we won't let him have it.

It's because we're greedy and want it all to ourselves.

Sort of.

And then the next day, just before we hopped the train to catch our flight, we walked to Navy Pier.  We didn't have time to look around much, but managed to get a family picture by the water.

It was an awesome trip.  

The End. (finally).


Kate & Drew's Great Adventure! said...

Kels! All your posts are so funny. I love reading your little tidbits. Love you!

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