Friday, September 16, 2011


I have officially decided that Pinterest has saved my decorating life as we know it.
I rummage through other people's genius ideas.  I find new websites full of images of great design.  I don't know why they're great.  I don't really know why I like them.  But I keep track of them.  And I copy them.

Yesterday we found this sweet mirror at Goodwill.  Two bucks.  Yes, that's a 2... I saw it and immediately knew it would be great in our bathroom.  (This whole "immediately knowing" thing is new... thank you Pinterest).

I'm digging the girly-lacy feel around the edges.  I want to find some cool apothecary-like jars to put on here as well.  I also need to fill those vases with something... any ideas?

Yay for small successes!


Matt and Betsy said...

I love that!! I have a couple that look similar and I LOVE them! Oh and pinterest is amazing. Best.thing.ever. Can't wait to see what other treasures you find!

L.L. said...

Cute! I have a couple of apothecary jars from our wedding and because we have a seashell theme in our bathroom one has seashells that Scott found in Italy and the other has sea glass that I found in France *cheesy* With the kind of vintage-y look you have, you could put some cute muted color bath ball things (do you know what I am talking about? they have oil or scents in them and they melt in the bathtub? My grandma always had a bunch in her bathroom). Or maybe some beads.

Katie Bell said...

Oh my. I am obsessed with Pinterest. I only wish I had my own house to fill with my decorating finds.

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