Wednesday, August 31, 2011

World Class Traveler

Last weekend we took off for a little vacation in San Diego.  It had been exactly 3 years since we visited the same place for our honeymoon.  It's amazing how much our lives have changed in those three years, especially with little Will!

We strolled along the boardwalk at Mission Beach:

And enjoyed the amazing weather.  While it's nowhere near as hot as Dallas has been this summer, it has been quite the toasty summer in Denver.  75 degrees and sunny with a sea breeze was more than welcome.

T did really well on both flights but his sleep schedule was way off for the first few days.

He spent lots of time napping on the trip.  Is he not just the cutest thing?!!

We stayed at Grandma Tanner's house in Del Mar.  The second floor has a great view that overlooks the ocean.  We spent lots of time up there chatting with family and enjoying the view.

Ron, Leslie, and Lauren were there too.  Not only was it great to spend time with family, but it's always nice to have lots of eager baby-holders :)

Will is becoming quite the chubster.  Check out those cute shoulders!

We also headed to the beach for some boogie boarding.  

And maybe a little silliness.  

We also spent a day at SeaWorld!  

Will spent the whole day sleeping in his baby carrier.  Awesome. Baby. 

He also made friends with Samantha the Seahorse:

And loved seeing the Beluga whales.  "Baby Beluga" is his favorite song.  I sing it to him a lot and it often calms him down.  Remember last time I wrote about Baby Beluga? It's clearly an defining song in my life.  Perhaps even my life theme song...

Lauren's friend Aaron also visited for a few days. We tried to take a picture with the Belugas in the back but it was too bright outside.  I guess the stuffed animal will have to do.

It was an awesome trip and a much needed break.  Next up: Chicago.


B&K said...

What a fun trip!! Next time you're out you'll have to give us a call, we're only 45 minutes away from Del Mar. He's such a great little traveller, too cute!!:-)

Kate & Drew's Great Adventure! said...

Kels!! You look so happy! Congrats on a beautiful little baby and family. Love you!

Whitney said...

It's so weird to see you with a little baby that is YOURS. haha. You look great and Will is adorable! Personally I hope he gets chubbier and chubbier. I love chubby baby boys!

Steve and Erin Larsen said...

You look FAB. U. LOUS!!! Dang! Your little guy is SO cute!! Good job you two!

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