Sunday, August 7, 2011

My boys

Grant has been home this week on paternity leave.  Awesome.  I've been lucky to have three weeks of 24 hr. assistance from either Grant or my Mom.  Tomorrow marks my first day mommy-ing it solo.  But Will has enjoyed his uninterrupted "Daddy time."

Reading The Pokey Little Puppy.  My dad always read to me when I was little and so it makes me really happy to see Grant read to Will.

Chatting.  About manly things I'm sure... Probably predicting the chances for a good snow season this year... (Grant is 95% convinced that Will will be skiing this year...)

And of course, snuggling.  

And now I'm off to snuggle my little man :)


karen said...

congrats on baby will !!!!!! i'm so behind in reading blogs and stuff. wow. he's so adorable !!! how are you guys doing ??

karen said...

just read your birth story. loved it. i love reading people's birth stories. way to go on doing it naturally !! i did the same with both of my girls. people always looked at me like i was crazy. yes, it was hard, but it's so worth it.

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