Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue Sea

I was in 7th grade when my family moved to the house where my parents live now.  I was excited about the move not because I would get a big room, a new bed, or even because I got to choose the color of my walls (which turned out horribly anyway).  I was mostly excited because we would have a pool!  In the last 10 years, this pool has supplied endless tans, smiles, and pruney fingers (which we call wrinkly stinkly) for the Peterson family and friends.  

When the cousins come to visit, all of whom are younger than the Peterson kids, they spend as much time as possible in the pool.  

Halle, below, is not only a pool junkie, but also the resident ham of the Murphy family.

This is Erin and Bridgette.  They represent the darkest and lightest skin tones in the family.  Now that Linds has grown up and has a baby of her own, she has symbolically handed the family babysitter title over to Erin.  Not really... but metaphorically... Neither Erin or Lindsay know anything about this metaphoric title I just made up...

Halle the Ham

And this is Maren the fish.  Maren is easily one of the fishiest people I know.  In fact, one day, she puked at the fair (thanks to the wonderful Starship 3000).  But by the time we got her home she was feeling all better and hopped in the pool.  I believe she stayed there for 3 or 4 hours.  

She is also a talented diver.

But I need to teach her a little about pointing her feet :)  And yes, according to Kelsey, it is pointing your feet, not your toes.  That's a discussion for another day.

Bridgette stayed in the pool for quite a while...

And had the soggy non-swim diaper to prove it.  After a while we took her diaper off and just let her swim in the buff.  I have some adorable pictures of nakie swimming Bridge... but didn't want to end up like the Demaree's of Arizona (how ridiculous) .... so I left them out of this post.

She had fun jumping off the side into Erin's arms, but was a little reluctant at first.  

Maren and Emory (in the background) spent their time diving for torpedos.  A fun activity, although not one I could easily take pictures of.

And to be honest, I'm not sure what Mason was doing... but he was there!

Writing this post, I had the song "Baby Beluga" stuck in my head.  My mom used to sing this song to us (and still does).  Watch this video to relive my childhood with me. Aren't you so glad I bless your life with random youtube videos that have little to no connection with anything else on my blog?!  Really, what is better than a baby whale on the bottom of the ocean, sleeping peacefully under a wool blanket?


Julie said...

Your photos look so great! PS The braid ROCKS!

Bekah said...

So fun!!! I wish I were in that pool, it looks so refreshing and summer-y :-) PS I love that song too. Our dog is a singer (no seriosuly he loves to sing) and I sing that song around the house and he always howls along with me :-) Good times!

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