Monday, August 16, 2010

Anatomy of a Braid meets Self Portrait

Since my recent discovery, I have been rocking the French braid for probably 3 out of every 4 days.  I have even been experimenting with contemporary versions of this conservative classic as well.  As Grant has been working during the day, I have had to document my braid adventures on my own.  Unfortunately for you, this means self-portraits in a mirror.  Love those...

Here we have the awkward, "I'm taking a picture of myself and not even trying to hide it because the camera is in the picture too..."  Shameless. 

And it didn't even show off my newly acquired braiding skills!  So I switched to the back view.  But the bump got in the way.  (This bump was once termed "Kelsey Peterson hair" by a family of girls I know.  I'm so proud.  And yes, my hair is still in high school.  Excellent.)

Better angle, awful shakiness.... but you get the idea.  How did my hair get this long, you ask?  Let's just say I live in Texas, my hairdresser lives in Idaho, and I don't go home that often....

I had one attempt at artsiness.  I thought this picture showed off my best features... wrists and fingernails... hah sure.

And then I found an angle that just might work.  Then I just had to hold still.  Ultimate challenge.

And then wham!  Clarity!  This is what I call the "Loose Swoopy Braid with the KP bump." 
Take that!

Now I just have to work on getting Grant to grow a beard...

Oh and by the way, I'm headed to Boise this afternoon and thus will be M.I.A. for a bit. 


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