Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Cutest Baby on Earth

Well... he's the cutest until I have one of my own, of course :)  I finally got to meet Gavin, my new nephew and the only grandchild in both of his parents' families.  

He wore the onesie I made him that day, despite the fact that it dwarfed him.  It's because he loves me.

I didn't ever take him outside for pictures or even really take him to a spot indoors with good lighting.  But luckily his cuteness knows no bounds, even despite horrible lighting.

He does that cute cross-eyed thing when he's trying to look at you up close.  

Oh snap.  So cute.  I love his baby skin.  So soft and almost furry feeling.  AND he smells like Baby Magic.  That is quite possibly the best smell on earth.

Here he is with his cute mama.  She hasn't been doing so hot lately and she wrote about it here.  We have been praying for her lots because honestly, isn't having your first baby hard enough without stupid health complications?  But she's hanging in there.  She always does.  Love you Linny!

He was still oh-so-teeny when I met him.  I'll get to see him again in two weeks and I'm afraid he won't be oh-so-teeny anymore.  By that, meaning he may weigh 9 pounds...

Here he is with Grandma Peterson.  Awww precious.  But not like "my precious."  More like Precious Moments precious.  (By the way, I chose the linked video especially for the excellent spelling and outstanding song choice.)

Gavin has tons and tons of hair.  Honestly... compared to me and my baldy brother and sister, Gavin is loaded.

And, most importantly, he has awesome alien eyes.  Way to go Gav-Gav.  You are officially the coolest, cutest, and most Baby-Magicy nephew I have ever had... yet...


under the oaks said...

Hi Kelsey! I love this post! So fun! Your photos are terrific. You're a super aunty. His favorite Peterson(Tanner) Aunty! I wonder what Baby Tanner will look like -- adorable I'm sure! Thanks for all the loves for Gavin. We're excited to see everyone soon. --Stacy Mc

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