Monday, August 9, 2010

A Special Day

Today marks the two year anniversary of the day I married my best friend!  Those two years have been very distinctly different from each other, each offering their own difficulties as well as their own joyful occasions.  I could recap all of the gushy and lovey-dove stories that have happened in the last two years... or you can just read all 150 blog posts we've put up since then...

In celebration, we took off for the weekend.  Destination: East!

We bought a map at the local Target and hit the road!  I have a lot of pictures just like this one because I seem to take this picture every time we go somewhere.  Grant is our designated driver.  This has nothing to do with being inebriated...

With my sugar-free snack pack on hand, we were ready to see where the black top would take us.  

In fact, it ended up taking us on this route: Around Dallas (to check out the Galleria Mall on the way), through Athens (a town I read about in a Texas oil family's fatty biography, The Murchisons), up to Tyler, and then finally to a small town called Ben Wheeler.

We ended up at the Roseland Plantation, a cute Bed & Breakfast restored to it's original 1850's condition (well, besides the added electricity, plumbing, etc.)  

We decided that we love the feel of a nice B&B.  In comparison to predicable hotel chains, you go to a B&B for a unique experience, in this case, one filled with history, charm, and of course, a few quirky people.  We had lots of fun wandering around the Plantation and talking to the owner and other guests.  I'll probably include an entire post on the Roseland Plantations soon.

On the way home, we celebrated with some homemade ice cream!

Of course, I found a way to injure myself on this ice cream ball... If you look close you can see the missing skin on my hand.  I'm very skilled, I know.  

It was the perfect getaway.  Now we're just counting the days until we can do it again!  Anybody know of good B&B's in Texas?


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