Thursday, August 5, 2010

On Hairstyles

In a quick departure from the Boise trip chronicles, I would just like to update you on the exciting inner workings of my mind (or my hair...).  My hair is currently the longest it has ever been.  This is partially because I haven't cut it since Thanksgiving... shhh.  All that hair tends to weigh down my head, which unfortunately, is already a bit sensitive.  It is officially as hot as Hades in Texas now so I'm constantly struggling between the sweaty hair down look and the painful hair up-do.

However, the world has righted itself now that I have discovered and adopted the official FLDS hairstyle. The single, long, French braid.

Unfortunately I don't have Sally Jeffs here to do it for me but I am quickly learning. This cutting edge hairstyle offers some nice natural air conditioning on my neck and back while still maintaining a stylish modesty.  And as a plus, it spreads out the weight of my hair while still keeping my hair out of my face.  Quadruple win!  I haven't taken Imitrex, let alone Tylenol for the last 3 days.  Life is gloriously stylish and pain-free :)

Endnote: The owner of this humble publication does not practice nor endorse polygamy.  She also does not truly believe this up-do is stylish.  However, give the poor sucker a week and she may be fully convinced.  On the braids... not the polygamy.


Bekah said...

Hahaha! First off- I love french braids but can never do them as well as when my mom braids my hair:-) Second, when I first saw the picture I was like "wierd blog spot on polygamy" but now it all makes sense hehehe. PS I'm jealous of your long hair, I'm trying to grow mine out and even being preggo it's taking forever!

thompsonfamily said...

Ummmm, I just laughed SOOOOO hard!!! You are so silly Kels! I love the picture you chose, how fitting for us "Texans"!

Matt and Betsy said...

i seriously love this post. it made me laugh soooo hard also! you are hilarious :]

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