Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Remember how the Western Idaho Fair invites feelings something akin to this?

That is why I continue with yet another Fair post.  I lived in Boise for approximately 14 years and I'm guessing I went to the fair nearly every one of those years.  One thing that the Petersons love most about the fair is splatter barrels.  I have amazingly artistic parents.  Not the professional artist type, but the professional origami making, paper sculpturing, doodling to blow your mind type.  Thus, we are drawn to such difficult, yet artistic tasks as splatter barreling.  

There are two splatter choices: picture or frisbee.  Most of us did pictures.  They are cheaper, and honestly, the frisbees aren't all that great...  They hook up your piece of paper to the machine and set it spinning.  I didn't take a picture of any blank papers... but you can imagine.

You can either paint while it's spinning (my favorite technique):

Or you can paint while it is still...

And then see what happens after you flip the switch.

Amusing children and adults alike.  Splatter painting is. the. best.

Grant & I went for the minimalist style.  It was awesome.

Oh, and I would also like to add this gem that somehow got left out of the petting zoo pictures...  But which are you supposed to pet?  The pig or his pet boy?

Just don't tell him tomorrow morning that his breakfast is actually Mabel...


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