Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goodbye is the hardest word...

Especially when you can't talk!  Luckily I have baby ESP and can translate what Gavin was trying to tell Rob on the morning he left for the MTC:

Rob, you are the best uncle I've ever had, at least on my maternal side.

Although at times I question the silly things you say and the strange smells you make...

I remain in awe of the way you balance manliness with sensitivity, genius with utter foolishness, and athleticism with unfailing clumsiness.

Now get out of here and teach some people the gospel!

One two punch!  Take that!

Ahh... the wisdom of youth...


Clint and Kandi said...

Im thinking what a cute baby and that your baby ESP is remarkably accurate. I know cuz i have it as well. Rare but true.
love momma foote

kelseybeth said...

I'm glad to share this humbling burden with such a good friend :)

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