Friday, September 10, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane

The main reason for my trip home was to send off the newest Elder Peterson. 

He packed his bags. He was ready to go.

He was standing there outside the MTC door.

He hated to wake us up to say goodbye....

But we sent him off on a jet plane!  Don't know when he'll be back again!  Oh little man, Mom hates to see you go!


1. Rob kind of packed his own bags... with about three hours of help from me, Grant, my mom, and even Kallene Cutler 

2. It is true that if he had the option, he wouldn't have woken us up to say goodbye.  Rob's not big on being the center of attention.

3. We do know when he's getting back again.  In two years minus two weeks... roughly.

4. He actually hasn't left on the airplane yet.  He flies to the Dominican Republic next week with a layover in the airport that's ten minutes from our apartment.  In his email he wrote, "too bad we don't have a seven hour layover so I could sneak out and go play Zelda with the Tanners."  Amen.

5. Mom really did hate to see him go.  She called me countless times for the next two weeks, wondering why Rob hadn't e-mailed yet.  (As if I knew why) :) 

We're so proud of Elder Petey!  I miss his guts but am so excited for him to have this experience and for the people who are waiting to be taught the beautiful message that he has.  Read more about what Robbie, er, Elder Peterson, will be teaching here.


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