Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Adventures of Baby Gavin

Everybody loves Gavin, and for good reason.  

Bridgette loves Gavin.  (Occasionally too much...)

Robbie loves Gavin, his first nephew.  He is especially happy that Gavin made his appearance before Rob turned into Elder Rob for two years.

Grandpa Mike loves Gavin.  I think in this picture he was teaching him about why bow hunting season is before rifle hunting season.  He may have been disappointed that it took three tries to get a son, but Gavin didn't disappoint, being the first grandchild and being a boy.

The camera (aka Kelsey) loves Gavin!  Especially because he smells like Baby Magic.

Shoot, even the fair loved Baby Gavin!  

The only thing that didn't love Gavin was his hair... Although born with quite the fuzz on top, it didn't take long for Gavin to turn into a regular, Peterson, baldy baby.  Welcome to the club.


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