Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mother, Father, Brother, Sister

While in Boise a few weeks ago, I was able to attend my old roommate's wedding. (It's been that long and I'm still posting about it.... a little behind? Whoops.)

Even though Grant wasn't able to be there I was lucky enough to have three lovely companions.  We were all best friends our freshman year of college (along with about 10 other crazy kids).  We were also all part of the same Family Home Evening group which means we had assigned roles in the family.  

Austen, or Dad, as we used to call him.  He acts nothing like our father.  Well, maybe if your father is the sarcastic instigating type...

Matty was the mischievous little brother.  I think?  

Marge was Mom.  How appropriate.  She did a great job dealing with me, the attention starved middle child.  Thanks Mom :)

We spent a lot of time that day laughing:

and telling stories:

And listening to Matt ask me when I was going to stop taking pictures... 

Um... never?

Last time I was at the temple with some of these kids was back in the day... We've changed a bit since then...

But anyways... It was a beautiful day at the temple.  A little hot for pictures and all, but luckily FHE families that have been expired for 3 years running don't have to be in the wedding pictures.  So we ditched.  

But not before catching Matty with his purple socks...

Winner.  Well, besides Lorren, of course.


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