Monday, September 13, 2010

Lemmon Juice

Last month I was able to witness an utterly joyous occasion.  The marriage of these two loverly lovebirds!  

Lorren was my roommate for two years and is also a fellow Boise-ite.  She's actually from Eagle, but I'll count that :)  She married Scott who I hear is a great guy.  Unfortunately, they met after I moved to Texas and I have really only met him once!  But judging by the smile on her face, and by the stories I've heard, he just might be worthy of good ole Lorren.  It was a beautiful ceremony and Lorren looked absolutely stunning.  They have started their own blog here.  Stalk away.

The other plus was that I got to hang out with these guys all day.  I haven't seen Austen & Matty since we were all 18 and they were waiting for mission calls.  Pretty cool stuff.  I have some nifty blackmail pictures of them that I'll be posting in the next few days.  None of these three read blogs (and probably don't even know this one exists), so I can post all the embarrassing pictures I want!  Woohoo!


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