Monday, September 27, 2010

Our very own Friday Night Lights

Can you believe we have lived in Texas for almost a year and a half?  Actually, more appropriately: Can you believe we have lived in Texas for almost a year and a half and just barely went to our first football game?!

In fact, Grant had to work that night so it was just me and a few friends.  The two rival high schools nearby played each other.  It was a painfully one-sided game.  The Panthers (below) wiped out the Mustangs.  

I don't have anything against football, but in general, it doesn't get my blood flowing. (Unless it's BSU, BYU, or my beloved Centennial Patriots).  Half time shows are more of my cup of tea.  I was fascinated to see the mass spectacles that only Texas could produce.  For example: Drill Teams

These girls (a handful of whom I teach at the studio) are decked out in cowboy hats, boots, and lovely tassle covered dresses.  I heard you say it: What?!  

It is a strange Southern phenomenon that I have yet to understand.  In comparison to the kind of dance I was doing on my high school drill team (see here), well, in all honesty... there is no comparison to be made.

To top it off, they had a combined band performance made up not only of the two high schools, but the middle schools that feed into those high schools as well.  Phew!  

Really... only in Texas.  

Oh, and as a side note, the Texas State Fair has begun.  We didn't go last year, but I hear they have some seriously fattifying foods: fried snickers, fried frito pie, fried butter...  Don't worry, I will try one of each and let you know ;)


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