Sunday, June 26, 2011

We've been busy...

The last few weeks, we've been quite busy.  Not just Grant and me, but a long list of household items have been kept busy as well.  For example...

The kitchen has been busy pretending to be a craft room:

The iron has been busy... ironing...

Scissors, measuring tape, paper, pencils, sewing machine: all at work doing what they do best.

Kelsey: watching Thoroughly Modern Millie... as well as any other flick available to keep me sane. Faves: Tangled, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, X-Men 1,2,3, Wall-E, Little Rascals, and How to Train your Dragon.

Wingback chair: trying to keep the iron from accumulating more junk to iron.

Grantie: Working.  Not only putting together a crib and hand-sketching trees on the wall, but hey, he's got a 9-5 too!  Way to be an over achiever!

Baby T's wall: being sketched and painfully detailed with Q-tips.  Yes, that's right.  Q-tip painting.  I'm a total pro now. 

The best part: ALMOST DONE!


Kelsey Kamauu said...

oooooo looks super cool - i can't wait to see the finished pictures!! :) what a lucky baby! :)

Lindsay said...

Wow!! So cute! You are a very crafty woman!!

Amber said...

You crack me up! You are such an entertaining blogger! Everything is looking great! You are so talented. I hope all is well with you cute family of three.

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