Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Last Getaway

Four weeks. 

28 days.

Less than one month of un-parenthooded-ness.  

We ran away for our last getaway before life changes forever (hooray for that!).

Estes Park was our destination:

We spent the first day wandering about town, through the little shops.

We especially loved all these Russian nesting dolls (or as Grant calls them, Russian-estic dolls).

We were especially excited to look for a candy shop from Grant's childhood: the one with the taffy machine in the window!  

There were tons of candy shops.  We wandered for quite some time.

And finally found it!

Grant was excited:

I was excited until I ate way too much candy and got a migraine... hah.  When will I ever learn?!


B&K said...

Soo fun! Enjoy this time, get lots of rest because craziness & fun is about to begin;-)

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