Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roxborough State Park

We were just getting settled in to our new home when we decided to head out to Roxborough Park.  It's only about 20 minutes from home which is awesome.

There are a couple different parks in the area with these beautiful red rocks.

Baby T was fairly cooperative on our little hike.  As awkward as pregnant hiking can be, it honestly can't be much more difficult than hiking with the baby once he's outside my body... (which he will be in less than 6 weeks!!)

We went on a fairly easy 2.5ish mile hike.  There were a few little paths off the main trail that led to outlooks like this one:

Look at that stud muffin :)  He was patient with my occasional slowness.  

Best new hiking discovery: hiking poles.  On an easy hike like this one, they just make you look like a weeny... but they come in handy for real hikes.  (And for hikers carrying fetuses).

It was also fun to give Grantie a short photography lesson.  He is (re)learning the aperture, shutter speed, ISO triangle and it's fun to play around with.  I also love the way the white grasses looked mixed with all the green.  

We bought a year-long state parks pass and we're excited to go see what other treasures we can find in our backyard.  Woot.

PS: I'm trying out extra-large pictures instead of the large ones.  I like being able to see so much more without clicking on each picture.  But are they too big?  Are the pictures getting cut off?  Feedback would be appreciated :)


B&K said...

So fun and absolutely gorgeous!! PS I told Grant this a few weeks ago but you are by far the cutest preggo mama ever!!! :-)

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