Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teva Mountain Games: The Race

As part of Grantie's birthday present, he registered to compete in any event he wanted.  He picked the Mountain Biking race and signed up for the Sport division- basically Intermediate (so we thought).

This is my face before I saw all the other bikers and became basically scared for Grant's safety...

This is Baby T's hugeness.  He was clueless as to his father's recklessness.  But not clueless to finding his mothers' ribs with his feet and fists...

For the race, the Pros, Experts, Sport division, Beginners and even Juniors raced on the same course... at the same time...  Most of the race was single track meaning the crazy fast pros can't pass the struggling beginners...  In my opinion, a bit of a recipe for disaster.  The course was 7 miles long and the Sport division did 3 laps.  

Grant finished up after about an hour and the stories began.  Turns out, almost the whole course was straight uphill Vail Mountain.  At one point there was a Pro woman behind him yelling at him in some European accent to get over.  So eventually he got over and somehow the Pro lady ended up falling over & yelling random profanities... whoops!  

Apparently, the downhill portion was extremely technical as well with lots of rocks, tree roots, and drop-offs.  At one point, Grant ended up flying over his handlebars and landing in a tree with his bike pinned on top of him.  Awesome.  A special thanks to the random man who helped Grant up and get back on the course.  And a special thanks to Neosporin who continues to nurse his infected wounds...

Did I mention he only got through one loop?  He said it was lots of fun but maybe just a bit beyond his current skill level...  It was an awesome weekend up at Teva Mountain Games.  We headed home completely dead.  Grant's soreness and injuries combined with my wicked sunburn was a great combo :) 

This weekend is our last free weekend before life changes forever.  We're planning a little trip to Estes Park to celebrate newlyweddedness one last time.  


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