Thursday, June 16, 2011

Building Baby's Room: Part 3

My book finally came!  After figuring out which patterns I wanted where, I headed back to Snappy Quilts to buy the fabric.  If you recall, I originally picked out these fabrics for the baby's bedding.  But of course, as life goes, half the fabric I picked were out of stock and un-orderable... of course.

But I found some great substitutes that I actually like a bit better than my original choices!

Instead of the orange polka dot, I found this geometric print from Robert Kaufman's Metro Living line.  I wanted to keep it all fairly "manly" but it could easily transition into a girl's room as well.

The orange will be used for the crib skirt.

The green squares I picked out (also from Robert Kaufman's Metro Living) was gone too.  Instead I went with a Ty Pennington print.  He has a whole line of green and greys like these-- beautiful!

The green print will be on the inside of the bumper- what Baby T gets to wake up to every morning! (Or every few hours...)

Luckily my original Pewter Circles were still in stock.  Also Metro Living.

The grey will be the outside of the crib bumper.

And last but not least, the Mixmaster Scribbles print, also from Robert Kaufman.  I believe this one isn't in production anymore because I can't find it on his website.  Lucky ducky me!

This print will be used for the fitted sheet.  I am only going to make one sheet of my own and then buy a few extras in white. 

Things are really coming along!  The crib is in and most of the sewing is done.  Unfortunately 98% of Grant's free time right now is dedicated to studying for his next license exam...  After this weekend, we'll get the crib put together and all the bedding set!!  Woohoo!

Bring on Baby!


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