Friday, September 14, 2012


Okay... I'm way behind.

But things are going great around here.

I finally feel back to my normal self (mostly).  Today marks 3 months since surgery which means I have ZERO restrictions.  I went running twice this week (a pitiful attempt compared to where I was 3 months ago), and I'm leaving this Sunday for a rock climbing trip with First Descents.  I'm stoked (and mildly terrified).

Will is doing great.  He's officially walking.  And he's the cutest baby in the world.  Have I mentioned that before?

And Grant has been busy around the house.  Latest projects include painting (of course), building a compost barrel, installing a hitch on his Camry, and assembling a trailer to tow our various crap around.  He is impressive.

While there are certainly overwhelming 'motherhood days," we are so grateful to be healthy, happy, and most importantly, together.


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