Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Descents: Day Three

Today I am amazed by the power of those around me.  Marette (a.k.a. Ponch) made multiple full ascents despite missing all the toes on her left foot due to amputation.  Charlie (a.k.a. Yogi) has not only been battling Asbergers and brain cancer, but pushed himself so hard today that his hands are covered in ridiculously huge blisters.  Erica (a.k.a. Everything) and I both climbed routes we didn't think were possible and shared our subsequent emotional breakdowns.  And my new "sister" Tikvah (a.k.a. Tiki) has discovered not only a new love for climbing, but an incredible talent for it as well.

On a lighter note, on a climb today I managed to lift my foot above my head, place it on a foot hold and then pull myself up to meet it.  It was little short of an act of God.  Pictures coming soon.


Kk said...

What an amazing experience!!! You are the bomb Kels. So much strength inside of you. How cool to tap into it in this way.

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