Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's tough to be an (almost) toddler

Today Will...

  • Fell down the front porch and hit his head on the concrete
  • Slipped and hit his forehead on the corner of the garden bed
  • Got his leg trapped under the garage door
  • Fell backwards from standing in the tub and hit his head

Yes, that was all today.  Yes, he basically landed on the front, side, and back of his head on three different falls.  And yes, somehow we all made it through.


Shawn and Nina Olsen said...

How sad!!! I hate when they fall and get banged up :( luckily these little babies are tough! By the way, are you all recovered from your surgery? I know It's been a while since that whole thing happened but I hope you're feeling good! What a crazy and random thing you had to go through. Miss you Kels!

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