Monday, September 17, 2012

First Descents: Day Two

Lessons learned from my first day on the rock:

  • The importance of trust.  Yesterday I met Terri (a.k.a. Waldo) for the first time.  Today she held my life in her hands as my belayer.  As I climbed a darn steep rock face, she held the rope that would save my life should I fall.  And I had no choice but to have faith that she would be there for me.  (She was :))
  • My body is capable of way more than I give it credit for.  The last year has been an extreme test for my poor body.  Natural childbirth, kidney cancer, a few running PR's, and now some serious rock climbing.  This afternoon, we're returned to the rock after a much needed respite from the hellishly hot sun.  One of the guides set up a new route on a large crack that climbed up the wall at close to a 90 degree angle.  It was ridiculous.  Straight up with huge distances between real foot holds, this climb was way above my skill level.  I doubted my arm strength, my level of endurance, (which lately seems close to zero), and my limited rock climbing experience.  And somehow, through some creative thinking, a few blisters, and tons of sweat, I made it thirty feet up that rock. 
I have met so many amazing people and have already done more than I imagined I could handle.  I can't wait to see what more will happen this week!


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