Friday, June 15, 2012


Hello from sky ridge hospital!  Surgery went well- they got the tumor out along as my right kidney but we won't know anything about it for another week. Dr Bell told my family that he would be surprised if the tumor was benign. There was a lot of blood flow to it. As for me, sans tumor, I'm doing pretty well. Showed up at five thirty, got checked in, changed into gown, got an IV and then my family came back.  Ythey gave me Versed before the epidural. Good stuff. :) then my family left and they did the epidural. I think they let them come back again but idon't remember much. I remember going to the OR and seeing dr bell and meeting everyone. Then they put the mask on and I was out.  When I woke up I was in a lot of pain. Apparently the epidural was too high and only came down to the top of the incision. They let Grant come back and I cried, but it was really painful to cry. They gave me lidocaine and asked Grant to leave. Then they redid my epidural after some more versed. That took forever but I felt way better once it was working. Then I was in recovery for another hour or two ( who knows). My parents came to visit at some point.  Then I was wheeled up to my room on the 6th floor. Since then I've been mostly sleeping. I have only been coherent occasionally- sleeping most of the time.  I have an epidural, oxygen tube, catheter, IV line (two before they took the bad one out,) blow up things on my legs, and they recently gave me an anti-nausea patch that is stuck behind my ear.  I feel pain free, but I'm super groggy and fairly lightheaded. I've sat up twice basically. My blood pressure is really low because of the epidural, so they gave me a bag of fluids and are keeping watch over that. And my throat really hurts from being intubated. I'm on an ice chips diet but should get some broth in the morning. But in general I'm in here by myself sleeping. Way more down time than when Will was born.  Well my eyes are starting to droop so I best be done here. Feeling pretty good- thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers.


Taylor said...

Holy cow, Kels. Holy cow.
You are wonder woman.

Whitney said...

So happy to hear you are alright! Still praying for you!

maddie said...

you are an amazing gal! i'm glad the epidural worked the second time around! holy cow, this is so crazy. thanks for the update - thinking and praying for you constantly!

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