Saturday, June 30, 2012

Denver Date Night

The weekend before my surgery, Grant & I headed out for an extended date night.  Bma watched the babe overnight and we stayed in downtown Denver.  

We wandered around downtown for a few hours: checked out the Capitol Building, the Denver Public Library, Civic Center Park, the Denver Art Museum, and the 16th Street Mall

We had dinner at Tokyo Joes, a Colorado and family favorite, and saw a great show at the Buntport Theater.  

Then we settled in at a high-rise hotel and slept long and hard.  (I mean, I slept in until at least 8:30 hah). 

I love living in Denver.  It's full of new adventures, yet still feels so much like Boise, my always and true home.


Kimber said...

My family moved to Denver a few years ago, and while I'm sad I don't get to go back to Boise for the holidays ... I love that it really does remind me of home. I hope your recovery continues to go well!

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