Monday, May 30, 2011

The Move

We hopped in our fatty truck- the exact same set-up that brought us to Texas two years ago.  This time, Grant's car was already at our final destination so I got to ride in the cab of the truck as well.  

Pro: Spent the whole time with Grant
Con: Didn't get to use our walkie-talkies...

Although the truck and car look the same, a few things have changed since the last time we took a picture like this...

My size being one of them... hah

But we made it to Colorful Colorado!  We drove the whole thing in one day.  I have no idea how my uncomfortable pregnant body survived.  But we certainly slept well that night!

We also learned that Grant has mad driving skills. 
Because we got there so fast?
Because we didn't get in a wreck?
Because I managed to not throw up the whole trip?

Because he picks up hitchhikers without even stopping...

Poor little Harvey just wanted a ride to Colorado....

We picked him up in Texas, carried him through New Mexico, into Colorado, and left him in the headlight for the Penske people to find.  

But honestly, no blood, no guts, just a dead little bird (with his eyes open...)  Creepy.

Aren't we sweet?  

Monday, May 23, 2011


Introducing Kelsey Tanner, Master of Arts in Dance.  Woot. (Plus a little addition).

My parents came for my graduation.  They were also extremely helpful in packing up our little home since Grant couldn't be there to help for very long.

Grant was proud of me graduating, but more excited that I could finally join him in Colorado!! Yay!

There's me.  I brought snacks for the ceremony but then left them in my purse with my mom... about 20 minutes in I got really nervous that I wouldn't make it through the whole thing.  Darn that Baby T sometimes.  Luckily this graduation was significantly shorter than the endless BYU graduations we were used to.  I survived.

Yay for education!  Also yay for my parents coordinating their outfits without knowing :)

I even managed a picture with Dr. Hanstein.  She is the head of the dance department as well as Chair of the School of the Arts.  She spoke at my graduation and did a fabulous job.  

And now real life begins... again :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Sweet (almost) Home

Welcome to the new Tanner storage unit!...err.. home!

I took these pictures Monday so luckily things are looking much better now.  We're still not completely unpacked but we're getting closer.  When things are all cleaned up I'll take a few more pictures.  

The kitchen is great with a bit more storage than our last place.  Woot.

The dining room just opposite of the kitchen.  The lighting was terrible...

The living room.  All the floors are wood except for in the bedrooms.  Not fancy hardwood or anything, but it looks pretty good :)  Plus, Grant is excited to finally get an area rug for the living room.

Baby T's room.  Right now it's an office/storage room.  I'm in the crazy process of washing all of Baby's clothes... that's a whole nother post.  And yes, nother is a word now.

The master bedroom.  We love all the light the apartment gets.  At least, we love that light until about 6 in the morning when it comes pouring in the windows... we need to get some blackout curtains.

The master closet.  Yay for lots of hanger space. 

And hello Baby T.  He's a bit limiting in terms of moving...  I suppose that's why I was wandering around taking pictures while Grant and his parents carried everything in from the truck... Thanks Ron & Leslie!!

Stay tuned for apartment updates.  On the (never ending) agenda is to get a couch, reupholster two awesome chairs, find an area rug, all of Baby's furniture/hardware, etc.  Whew!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Settling In

We made it.
We busted out the 14 hour drive in one day somehow.
We've unpacked most of the boxes... sort of.
We're attempting to adjust back to sharing a queen-sized bed.  Unfortunately, I'm a little bigger than the last time we had to share a bed.
Baby T has his own room but he doesn't sleep there yet :)
And pictures are coming eventually.
The End.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Change is in the air

Life is truly excellent right now: Graduation is next week, only SIX days until Grant & I are officially reunited, my parents are coming, we're moving closer to family, and Baby T is only 2 months away!!

But with all the goodness comes a lot of change.

First, I'm coming to the realization that for the first time in eighteen years, I won't be in school next year!  School is something I have always enjoyed and been good at.  I love learning and I enjoy the structure and consistency of grading each semester.  School is predictable and grades become an easy way to track progress and to feel recognized for hard work.  I will now enter the wonderful world of motherhood, which will be exciting and new, but  will also lack the regularity and reward of grades (as well as the consistent breaks!).

Second, it is hard to leave behind everything we have built here in Texas.  Granted, it has only been two years, but the friends we have made, the callings in which we've served (my cute little sunbeams!), my girls at the studio and all I've worked to build there, and even just the comfort of knowing where I am and how to get around will be hard to leave.

Third, the irrational, hormonal feelings I can't help but have that I haven't done enough in the last two years.  We may (okay, will) never move back to Texas.  Have I learned all the lessons I needed to learn here?  Have I served those I needed to serve?  Did I truly dedicate myself to my school work and teaching like I should have?

And of course, the inevitable baby nerves that are sure to hit.  Luckily, those haven't set in yet.  I feel quite calm about Baby T coming and I'm hoping I will continue to feel that way.

Overall, I am excited for what the future will bring, I am more than excited to live with Grant again, and I am ecstatic that Baby T will be joining us soon.  Like our Bishop says, "Life is a series of separations," from the time we leave our Heavenly Father to come to earth until the time we leave those on this earth to return to Him.  The struggle of those separations is what will help me grow and become more like Christ.  Bring it on.