Monday, May 30, 2011

The Move

We hopped in our fatty truck- the exact same set-up that brought us to Texas two years ago.  This time, Grant's car was already at our final destination so I got to ride in the cab of the truck as well.  

Pro: Spent the whole time with Grant
Con: Didn't get to use our walkie-talkies...

Although the truck and car look the same, a few things have changed since the last time we took a picture like this...

My size being one of them... hah

But we made it to Colorful Colorado!  We drove the whole thing in one day.  I have no idea how my uncomfortable pregnant body survived.  But we certainly slept well that night!

We also learned that Grant has mad driving skills. 
Because we got there so fast?
Because we didn't get in a wreck?
Because I managed to not throw up the whole trip?

Because he picks up hitchhikers without even stopping...

Poor little Harvey just wanted a ride to Colorado....

We picked him up in Texas, carried him through New Mexico, into Colorado, and left him in the headlight for the Penske people to find.  

But honestly, no blood, no guts, just a dead little bird (with his eyes open...)  Creepy.

Aren't we sweet?  


Stephanie Young said...

Um...That's gross! (and somewhat wonderful, but mostly gross.)

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