Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Sweet (almost) Home

Welcome to the new Tanner storage unit!...err.. home!

I took these pictures Monday so luckily things are looking much better now.  We're still not completely unpacked but we're getting closer.  When things are all cleaned up I'll take a few more pictures.  

The kitchen is great with a bit more storage than our last place.  Woot.

The dining room just opposite of the kitchen.  The lighting was terrible...

The living room.  All the floors are wood except for in the bedrooms.  Not fancy hardwood or anything, but it looks pretty good :)  Plus, Grant is excited to finally get an area rug for the living room.

Baby T's room.  Right now it's an office/storage room.  I'm in the crazy process of washing all of Baby's clothes... that's a whole nother post.  And yes, nother is a word now.

The master bedroom.  We love all the light the apartment gets.  At least, we love that light until about 6 in the morning when it comes pouring in the windows... we need to get some blackout curtains.

The master closet.  Yay for lots of hanger space. 

And hello Baby T.  He's a bit limiting in terms of moving...  I suppose that's why I was wandering around taking pictures while Grant and his parents carried everything in from the truck... Thanks Ron & Leslie!!

Stay tuned for apartment updates.  On the (never ending) agenda is to get a couch, reupholster two awesome chairs, find an area rug, all of Baby's furniture/hardware, etc.  Whew!


Jennie and Dalin Nelson said...

love the place!! we need some blackout curtains too!! the sun comes up at like 6 and taelin is awake by 630...NOT OKAY1! HAHA

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