Monday, May 23, 2011


Introducing Kelsey Tanner, Master of Arts in Dance.  Woot. (Plus a little addition).

My parents came for my graduation.  They were also extremely helpful in packing up our little home since Grant couldn't be there to help for very long.

Grant was proud of me graduating, but more excited that I could finally join him in Colorado!! Yay!

There's me.  I brought snacks for the ceremony but then left them in my purse with my mom... about 20 minutes in I got really nervous that I wouldn't make it through the whole thing.  Darn that Baby T sometimes.  Luckily this graduation was significantly shorter than the endless BYU graduations we were used to.  I survived.

Yay for education!  Also yay for my parents coordinating their outfits without knowing :)

I even managed a picture with Dr. Hanstein.  She is the head of the dance department as well as Chair of the School of the Arts.  She spoke at my graduation and did a fabulous job.  

And now real life begins... again :)


Julie @ Becoming-Someone said...

Congrats, girl!!!

Rob Barton said...

Congrats Kelsey! You look beautiful!!

Jennie and Dalin Nelson said...

congrats kels!! that's awesome:) baby coming soon:)

B&K said...


Stacy Wood said...

So proud of you! CONGRATULATIONS! Maybe Sam and I will come visit you two in CO. LOOOOOOOOOVE!

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