Friday, May 6, 2011

Change is in the air

Life is truly excellent right now: Graduation is next week, only SIX days until Grant & I are officially reunited, my parents are coming, we're moving closer to family, and Baby T is only 2 months away!!

But with all the goodness comes a lot of change.

First, I'm coming to the realization that for the first time in eighteen years, I won't be in school next year!  School is something I have always enjoyed and been good at.  I love learning and I enjoy the structure and consistency of grading each semester.  School is predictable and grades become an easy way to track progress and to feel recognized for hard work.  I will now enter the wonderful world of motherhood, which will be exciting and new, but  will also lack the regularity and reward of grades (as well as the consistent breaks!).

Second, it is hard to leave behind everything we have built here in Texas.  Granted, it has only been two years, but the friends we have made, the callings in which we've served (my cute little sunbeams!), my girls at the studio and all I've worked to build there, and even just the comfort of knowing where I am and how to get around will be hard to leave.

Third, the irrational, hormonal feelings I can't help but have that I haven't done enough in the last two years.  We may (okay, will) never move back to Texas.  Have I learned all the lessons I needed to learn here?  Have I served those I needed to serve?  Did I truly dedicate myself to my school work and teaching like I should have?

And of course, the inevitable baby nerves that are sure to hit.  Luckily, those haven't set in yet.  I feel quite calm about Baby T coming and I'm hoping I will continue to feel that way.

Overall, I am excited for what the future will bring, I am more than excited to live with Grant again, and I am ecstatic that Baby T will be joining us soon.  Like our Bishop says, "Life is a series of separations," from the time we leave our Heavenly Father to come to earth until the time we leave those on this earth to return to Him.  The struggle of those separations is what will help me grow and become more like Christ.  Bring it on.


Bryson and Tara said...

Interesting thought from your bishop. Thanks for sharing. I am excited for you. Yes, motherhood brings a whole slew of changes...good and bad...but it's amazing. Best of luck moving and adjusting.

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