Saturday, April 30, 2011


I, like 2.7 million other people, was in Chicago this week.  Work flew me out there for "training."  I love exploring, so I often found my self wandering around the city before & after work.  I walk fast so I can cover a lot of ground.

  I snapped the above on my way to work.  

I worked here (but on the 8th floor).

I happened upon this thing...

I also saw all of this.
It was my first visit to Chicago.  So when I hear the Colorado Rockies were playing the Chicago Cubs while I was there, of course I had to go.

Wrigley Field was totally old school - not even an electronic scoreboard.

I also tried some authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza from Gino's East.  Yum.

Chicago was definitely an impressive city and had a nice feel to it.


B&K said...

So awesome! Chicago looks amazing, what a fun city to explore:)

kelseybeth said...

Yay! So cool. Thanks for taking pictures for me :) Love you!

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