Monday, April 4, 2011

A Short Flight Away

Things are picking up at school and at the studio: My culminating presentation for my Master's degree is next week and it's competition season at the studio.  Since the next month or so will be so busy, I bought a ticket to Denver to spend some time with Grant before the long haul.

While I was there, we headed out for one of our favorite activities, hiking!  This time we hiked around Castlewood Canyon State Park:

It was a beautiful spring day in Colorado: the sun was shining and since we started in the morning we were out before it got too hot.

Leslie came along with us.  We are excited to both be in Denver, close to the Tanners.  And they are excited that we'll be bringing their first grandson with us! (Although he'll still be a fetus at that point...)

We followed the perfect little trail along these falls; nothing too steep or crazy for me and the ever-growing Baby T.  

Grant got a feel for the water and ruled swimming out for the day:

Cold, ya think Grantie?

I wore this lovely ensemble which included Ron's jacket.  I always dismiss hiking fashion until I look back and realize how dorky I look in pictures.  Some things will never change...

We made it up to the ruins of this old dam.  As Grantie would say, "We went on a dam hike."  There is the rest of my lovely fashion statement.  

It was a great weekend and I feel like I'm toughening up emotionally.  I'm not one to get super homesick when I'm away from family.  But if I get to see my family for a while and then have to leave... that's another story.  I'm horrible with goodbyes.  Maybe because this was the third goodbye I had to say to Grant in the last month, or maybe because the hormones were on a lull that day, this goodbye was much easier than the last two.  

Now to plan our next rendezvous... 


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