Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Horse Affairs

While I was in Boise I got the best surprise ever!  Grant came to visit!  We had been apart for two weeks (with only eight or nine left... blech), so it was great to spend a few days together.  While Grant was there we headed out to meet the two newest members of the Peterson family:

Oh, no, it's not my mom & Grant...


And Cougar:

We even got to ride Hollywood around.  Baby T wasn't up for an adventurous ride so Hollywood just walked around the arena for me.  

I am a total expert now...

Cougar has a bit more of a spunky personality.  Spunky meaning he forced my dad to bail into a barbed wire fence... so we just took pictures and didn't ride Cougar.

Grant got some lessons from Grandpa Mike and got to ride Hollywood as well.

Here's Dad showing off his speedy skills:

Then my mom, Taylor, & I took off and left Grantie & my dad for a little ride in the foothills.

Soon, Baby T can have his first ride on Hollywood too... heh heh.


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