Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meat, Meat, Meat (in that order...)

Grant acted as our BBQ researcher for this trip.  He found the website Full Custom Gospel BBQ, a site by people who travel all over Texas and review all the best BBQ joints.  Our first stop, Kruez Market, was in Lockhart.

Central Texas has big German roots hence the name Kreuz (pronounced krites).  

Baby T was hungry after a long drive from the big D.  

After waiting in line for about 20 minutes we made it to the "pit room" where you choose your meats and they weigh it out.  You pay by the weight of your meat.  

I'm not sure these guys look German to me... but those sausages are making me salivate...

It was about a half hour before close on a Saturday night so we only had a few choices: Brisket, both lean and fat, and sausage.  Kreuz doesn't believe in BBQ sauce, claiming their meat is already perfectly seasoned.  You also have the option of bread and/or crackers with your meat.  They're really sophisticated: Wonder bread and Saltines :)

Overall, Kreuz was pretty awesome.  Grant was highly disappointed that he didn't get to try some ribs, but we were highly impressed with the flavor of the brisket.  The black, crunchy rub on the outside was phenomenal and Grant claimed the fat was especially flavorful.  I prefer my meat juicy and somewhat fatty, but can't handle eating just fat, so I let Grant eat it all and hoped it might help add a few pounds to his string-beany-ness :)

We also loved the sausage.  The flavor was good but what Grant really raved about was the skin.  It had just the right amount of crunch.  What not to get: the German potatoes.  Blech.  One bite of sauerkrauty, pickley potatoes was one bite too many...  

Next: We head West of Austin for an in-demand BBQ joint...


Grant said...

I may have only been to Germany once, but those guys totally look German to me ;0

BBQ Snob said...

Glad you could make good use of my blog. Thanks for the shout out. There's nothing like getting the little ones started way early on good Texas BBQ.

Daniel Vaughn
Full Custom Gospel BBQ

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